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Lower KS2 Home Learning

Our Rationale

We have been providing a high-quality remote learning offer since September. Feedback from parents during the Autumn term has been extremely positive. The work set is aligned with the curriculum in school, ensuring all children have access to the broad and rich curriculum which they would have had had they attended school.


We have designed our remote curriculum offer carefully to meet the needs of all our families, taking into consideration the challenges parents may face in delivering a curriculum offer whilst having their own commitments at home. We feel the mixture of high-quality work, recorded lessons, phone calls and access to a designated member of staff for support will meet the needs of all our children and their families.

My child needs support. What can you offer?

Whilst staffing levels allow, each Key Stage has a designated member of staff to support children learning from home.

  • Nursery and Upper Foundation Stage – Mrs Ward

  • Key Stage 1 – Miss Scanlon

  • Lower Key Stage 2 – Mrs Hemingway

  • Upper Key Stage 2 – Mrs Kendall and Mrs Louden


Teachers will be available during the assigned Maths and English hour on the class timetable. If a child needs support during this time, email in to the class account and a staff member will reply via email or phone as appropriate. If the teacher feels the child requires further support, they will arrange a further call at an appropriate time to provide the necessary provision.

Will you differentiate the work for my child?

As in school, we will continue to provide work which is accessible for the needs of all children whilst moving them on in their learning. Ways forward or ‘challenge’ work will be set in various forms. For example, challenge daily maths will be provided to challenge and extend their learning in reasoning and problem solving questions where children have to apply their fluency skills practiced in the on-line lesson. This mirrors what children would have been doing in normal maths lessons. In writing tasks and Foundation subjects, teacher’s marking and feedback will provide children with how they can further improve their work.

What resources does my child need to complete the remote-learning offer?

Children will need access to a device which can access the Internet. If you have not got access, please see details further down this page for further guidance.


  • White Rose maths books – these will support the on-line lessons. Staff will deliver the books needed for the next topic when needed.

  • Paper and pencils

  • We appreciate a lot of the learning is worksheets and on-line questions. We do not require you to print any work. All we ask is you date the work and write the answers/required work in the exercise books provided in the Autumn term. You do not need to copy questions or worksheets out.


If you are struggling for any of the resources, please speak to Mrs Kendall who will support you.

How will my child receive feedback?

Teachers need to ensure children are engaging with learning at home and following the content of the curriculum provided in our remote learning offer. It is a requirement set out by the DfE that we have systems for checking daily if pupils are engaging in their learning. Therefore, we are requiring work to be submitted daily for teachers to monitor, assess and feedback on learning. Every class has a specific email address which is the platform where work should be submitted for marking. Teachers will mark any work submitted by the times outlined below. Anything submitted after the times will be marked at a time convenient for the staff member.

Morning work to be emailed by 12.30pm
Afternoon work to be emailed by 3.45pm

Email addresses:

Where teachers can see children are struggling with the work completed, or not engaging with learning, parents will be contacted to discuss how school can support. Children will also have the opportunity to share their work and ask any questions during the Teams well-being check in with the teacher and classmates. Teachers will also use this opportunity to provide any specific feedback to groups in these sessions where needed.

How will the teacher keep contact with my child?

We want all of our children to still feel part of our daily school community, be at home or in school. Every child’s class teacher will upload a welcome message for the day so children still see their normal class teacher. The designated remote teachers will then maintain contact with their assigned Key Stage. These teachers will maintain contact via Teams, email, phone and twitter.

How will Dane Royd try to meet the needs of my child's well-being and emotion?

We will hold weekly Teams meetings for groups of children who are remote learning. Children who have received an in school place as a child of a Critical Worker or Vulnerable will not receive a well-being Teams meeting. The objectives of these sessions are:

  • Well-being check in

  • Question time for children

  • Social time with class mates

  • Share and shine – children can share any work they have done at home with their teacher and friends.

  • Personal, Social and Emotional lessons.

If we feel any children are not coping emotionally, the school will work with the family to support the child as best we can. This may involve signposting to external agencies where appropriate and necessary. We ask that parents do not use these sessions to ask any questions as they are solely for the children. If parents would like to speak to staff, please do so via the main office or email address provided.

My child does not have access to a device. What should I do?

Please inform school and leave a message for Mr Davison who will contact you to discuss options available to support remote learning.

What remote digital platform are Dane Royd using?

Our digital platform is Microsoft. This will include Outlook 365 and Teams.

How will you safeguard children whilst live on Teams?

All children in school have had lessons about how to stay safe on-line in the Autumn term. As part of these sessions, children signed a User-agreement about how to stay safe on-line and acceptable behaviour. The sessions will be recorded and we ask that an appropriate adult is in the room with the child during the session. If there is any unacceptable behaviour in the live sessions, the meeting will be stopped immediately and parents will be contacted.

What devices can I access remote-learning on?

Any device that is capable of accessing the internet can access the home-learning website. If accessing from a mobile/tablet it will take you the mobile version of the website which is not as user friendly as the desktop site. All smart mobile devices have an option to access the desktop version of websites. You can google 'how to access desktop version of website device....Apple device..’ and there are how-to-guides which can show you step by step instructions.

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